NLC’s Spring 2019 Program

March 28 - May 3, 2019

The Damnedest Hullabaloo

The provocative history, iconoclastic politicians and irrepressible music and humour

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This series is supported by a grant from The Dalglish Family Foundation.

12 terrific events

Featuring talks, discussions, CODCO’s Greg Malone, and a special performance of David Macfarlane’s The Door You Came In on April 5. The program wraps up on May 3 with a traditional Kitchen Party featuring musicians Christina Smith & Jean Hewson and storyteller Dave Paddon who joins us courtesy of his colleagues at Adventure Canada.


Newfoundland Artists at the Art Gallery of Northumberland and

Newfoundland films at The Loft



Russell Wangersky

Thursday, March 28, Columbus Centre, 232 Spencer St. E., Cobourg, 7:30 PM

Politics, Patronage and Pragmatism:  From Smallwood, to Crosbie to Williams - how a big province with a small population keeps hunting for political saviours.

Friday, March 29, Port Hope Public Library, 31 Queen St., 10 AM

On the Front Lines of Climate Change, or Half an Hour Earlier in  Newfoundland: The winds  blow harder, the water runs higher and changes in Newfoundland and Labrador’s water show how close a dangerous tipping point might be.

Link to Russell Wangersky’s books here.

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Peter Neary

Thursday, April 4, Columbus Centre, 232 Spencer St. E., Cobourg, 7:30 PM

Getting to Confederation: In 1934, hit hard by the Great Depression, Newfoundland gave up elective self-government in favour of administration by a British appointed Commission. But by the late 1940s Newfoundlanders got to decide their own constitutional future. The outcome - the product of two hard fought votes in which Joey Smallwood took centre stage - was union with Canada.

Link to Peter Neary’s books here.

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Douglas Cameron & David macfarlane

Friday, April 5, Sculthorpe Theatre, 20 Queen St., Port Hope, 7 PM

The Door You Came In: The  onstage story of a Newfoundland family  that will make your heart break and sing. Douglas Cameron’s  music echoes and answers David Macfarlane’s words. A powerful work of literature, theatre and music, David Macfarlane’s family memoir The Danger Tree is brought to the stage in a collaboration of song and spoken word.


Greg malone of codco fame

Thursday, April 11, Columbus Centre, 232 Spencer St. E., Cobourg, 7:30 PM

Comedy - Its Causes and Cures: Comedy has been deployed to deal with everything from childhood trauma to death and everything in between.  From slapstick to satire, how effective is comedy at dealing with life's problems? Greg Malone will grapple with this vast topic using plenty of comic examples focusing on Newfoundland's historic and comedic relationship with Canada.

Link to Greg’s book, Don’t Tell the Newfoundlanders, here.


Barbara Neis

Wednesday, April 17, Port Hope Public Library, 31 Queen St., 2 PM

Changing Tides - Saltwater Women: Men traditionally caught the fish, women split, salted, packed, carried, loaded and stacked them. In 1901 women made up a third of fishery workers in Newfoundland.  By 1940 it was closer to 40%. Barbara Neis talks about the challenges and opportunities fisheries women are facing  and their bid for a voice in decision making.

Thursday, April 18, Columbus Centre, 232 Spencer St. E., Cobourg, 7:30 PM

Reinventing the Fishery: More than 25 years after the cod moratorium a new generation is looking for a new fishery.  Barbara Neis talks about her work on the boats and in the outports looking at the vulnerability of Newfoundland fishery and the options for moving forward.

Link to Barbara Neis’ book Changing Tides here.

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Robert Mellin

Thursday, April 25, Columbus Centre, 232 Spencer St. E., Cobourg, 7:30 PM

House Launching and Other Tales from a Newfoundland Outport: The traditional settlement pattern and architecture of the Newfoundland outport of Tilting was based on values of trust, cooperation, and resourcefulness in a challenging climate. An intimate portrait of this remote Fogo Island community where he has lived for many years, and the changes that have taken place in the residents’ way of life.

Friday, April 26, Port Hope Public Library, 31 Queen St., 10 AM

The Smallwood Era: Progress and Modern Architecture: From 1949 to 1972, Newfoundland Premier Joey Smallwood often used modern architecture to demonstrate the progress of "his" province. The innovative work of architects in the years following Confederation, and the curious atmosphere of life under a leader who controlled everything and everyone.

Link to Robert Mellin’s book Winter in Tilting here.

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Paula Laverty

Sunday, April 28, William Academy, 135 King St. W., Cobourg, 2 PM

The silk stocking mats of Labrador: When Wilfred Grenfell set up his medical mission on the coast of Labrador, he included “industries” for fishermen’s wives. The best known is the now much sought after silk stocking hooked mats. Paula Laverty, leading world authority on the Grenfell Mission mats, talks about them, their makers and old Labrador. Bring your Grenfell mats for Paula Laverty’s opinion.

Link to Paula Laverty’s book Silk Stocking Mats here.

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Dave Paddon & Karin Wells

Thursday, May 2, Columbus Centre, 232 Spencer St. E., Cobourg, 7:30 PM

The Woman who Mapped Labrador: In 1905 a farm girl from Bewdley, Mina Benson Hubbard became the second non-indigenous person to cross Labrador completing the expedition that led to the death of her husband.  Dave Paddon, born and brought up in Labrador, has canoed the lake where her husband died and heard the stories of Mina Hubbard from indigenous guides. Karin Wells tracked down Hubbard’s descendants in England, where the explorer had become the toast of London.

Link to The Woman who Mapped Labrador here.


a newfoundland Kitchen party

Friday, May 3, Cobourg Legion, 136 Orr St., 7 PM

Join us for a traditional Newfoundland Kitchen Party featuring St. John's duo  Christina Smith on fiddle and Jean Hewson on vocals and guitar, who are joined by Newfoundlander-in-Mississauga Les Smith, who plays a multitude of instruments, including bass, tin whistle, Irish flute, concertina, accordion, bodhran, mandolin, banjolin and percussion. Making a special appearance is Campbellford-based Newfoundland musician/songwriter Ken Tizzard, who has played with The Watchmen, Thornley/Big Wreck, and the legendary Ron Hynes. Last but certainly not least, you’ll be spellbound by recitations from Labrador's own Dave Paddon, a crowd favourite at storytelling and ballad-singing festivals.

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